The story of Coram Deo begins in the early months of 2004, when God began stirring a young pastor with a vision for a new church rooted in historic Christian orthodoxy and planted in post-Christian urban culture. Bob Thune spent a year praying, preparing, and garnering support for a church-planting effort.

In August of 2005 a launch team of about 60 people was commissioned to form the nucleus of Coram Deo Church. They dispersed into five missional communities and began meeting throughout the city. On November 27, 2005, those communities gathered for their first Sunday worship service at 1316 Jones Street in Omaha’s Old Market district.

In 2006, Coram Deo linked arms with the Acts 29 Network, a nascent missional church-planting network headquartered in Seattle, WA. Will Walker and JD Senkbile came alongside Bob in late 2006 to round out Coram Deo’s early leadership team.

Missional communities continued to form and multiply, God continued to transform people through the gospel, and by Easter 2007, Coram Deo had outgrown its first home at 1316 Jones. The church’s Sunday gathering moved to Grace University and multiplied to two services to accommodate growth.


By its five-year birthday in 2010, Coram Deo had seen over 400 people join the mission. To celebrate, Coram Deo planted another church (Providence Church in Austin, Texas) and started a theological training center (Porterbrook Omaha).

In September 2011, Coram Deo merged with Core Community Church, which had been planted by Ethan Burmeister in 2000. These two churches became one, creating even greater synergy for gospel-centered missional church planting in the Midwest.

On Easter Sunday 2013, Coram Deo celebrated Easter at the Holland Performing Arts Center. Over 1500 people gathered to experience the hospitality, grace, and beauty of the Christian gospel in the cultural and artistic epicenter of our city.

In 2015, Coram Deo helped to launch the Omaha chapter of The Gospel Coalition, bringing together church leaders from across the region for training, encouragement, prayer, and theological dialogue.


In January 2016, Coram Deo sent out over 150 people to form the nucleus of First City Church in Bellevue, Nebraska. Coram Deo and First City are the first partners in what we hope will be a local network of like-minded, relationally connected, church-planting churches.