Justin Curtis

Minor Prophets: Obadiah

“Return to me, says the Lord of hosts, and I will return to you” (Zechariah 1:3). God’s word to his people then is still his word to his people now. Like the Israelites, WE have departed from the Lord. In this series, we preach through all 12 of the Minor Prophets, exploring how God invites His people to repent of their sins and return to him with renewed joy, renewed love, and renewed loyalty.

He Ascended Into Heaven | Acts 2:32-36

Creeds are short, dense, memorable summaries of Christian doctrine. In this series, we explore the Apostles’ Creed - one of the oldest and most widely known creeds of Christianity. By unpacking each line of the Creed, we come to understand more fully the essential truths of the Christian faith.

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