Psalm 11

The Psalms have been the prayer book of God’s people for thousands of years. We immerse ourselves in this book each summer to hear its truth, learn from its wisdom, and be shaped by its vision of the good life.

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11 shows us how the righteous react in the midst of crisis: they rest in God’s greatness, goodness, and generosity.

Lamenting With Confidence | Psalm 6

Everybody worships. And Christians are to worship in biblical ways, shaped by biblical truth. So every summer, the people of Coram Deo dwell in the Psalms - the worship songbook of God’s people - to learn the language and practices of Christian worship. This preaching series is a progressive journey through the book of Psalms, one psalm at a time.

“Every night I flood my bed with tears.” In this sermon, we learn how to pray in the midst of grief and turmoil.