Gospel Community

What Does a Gospel Community Do?

So you have joined or started leading a Gospel Community...now what? What does a Gospel Community actually look like week to week? In this episode, we spend time talking about three specific Gospel Community rhythms and why they are important.

Gospel Community Basics book: http://www.gospelresourcenetwork.com/store/gcbasics

What is a Healthy Gospel Community?

Gospel Communities play a significant role when it comes to discipleship and mission. But how can you tell if your gospel community is healthy and thriving? In this week's episode we discuss four marks of a healthy gospel community.

Gospel Community Basics book: 


How to be in a Gospel Community - Part Two

The goal of Gospel Community is to create an authentic, redemptive community. But what makes redemptive community different from any other type of community? And what does true authenticity look like within that community?

On this week's podcast, we continue our discussion on how to be a healthy contributor to a gospel community.