The Wednesday Conversation

A Theology of Work - Part 1

If you have spent any amount of time listening to our podcast you have probably heard us say "The gospel changes everything." But how does this apply to our work? What does it mean to work to the glory of God? This week on the podcast we are joined by Pastor Justin Curtis to talk about the integration of faith and work.

The Culture of Victimhood - Part 1

In the book "The Rise of Victimhood Culture" authors and sociologists Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning suggest that there has been a shift in the moral culture of America. In this episode, we discuss their ideas and the implications of this cultural change.

Discipleship in Real Life

Discipleship plays a significant role in every Christian's life. So when a listener wrote in asking what a long-term vision for discipleship looks like, we thought it would be a good topic to tackle. In this episode, we share personal stories of discipleship, as well as some practical advice for discipling others. 

What is a Healthy Gospel Community?

Gospel Communities play a significant role when it comes to discipleship and mission. But how can you tell if your gospel community is healthy and thriving? In this week's episode we discuss four marks of a healthy gospel community.

Gospel Community Basics book:

The End of Liberalism?

In recent writings, both R.R. Reno and Patrick Deneen argue that liberalism - the political philosophy that's undergirded Western culture for the past 500 years - is coming to an end.

In this episode, we discuss how the church can become a gospel counter-culture in the midst of political and cultural disorientation.

Goodbye Heraclitus by R.R. Reno:

Why Liberalism Failed: