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What is a Healthy Gospel Community?

Gospel Communities play a significant role when it comes to discipleship and mission. But how can you tell if your gospel community is healthy and thriving? In this week's episode we discuss four marks of a healthy gospel community.

Gospel Community Basics book:

The End of Liberalism?

In recent writings, both R.R. Reno and Patrick Deneen argue that liberalism - the political philosophy that's undergirded Western culture for the past 500 years - is coming to an end.

In this episode, we discuss how the church can become a gospel counter-culture in the midst of political and cultural disorientation.

Goodbye Heraclitus by R.R. Reno:

Why Liberalism Failed:

Should We Keep the Term "Evangelical"?

Originally, "evangelical" was used to describe a distinct set of theological beliefs. However, the framing and connotation of the term has became increasingly political rather than theological.  

On this week's podcast, we discuss whether the term evangelical is still helpful for clarifying theological beliefs or if the now politicized term should be done away with. We also provide a quick update on the future of the Wednesday Conversation.


How to be in a Gospel Community - Part Two

The goal of Gospel Community is to create an authentic, redemptive community. But what makes redemptive community different from any other type of community? And what does true authenticity look like within that community?

On this week's podcast, we continue our discussion on how to be a healthy contributor to a gospel community.

LuLaRoe and the Church

More than 20 million Americans, including many Christians, participate in direct sales as part of multi-level marketing. Many MLM companies, like LuLaRoe, encourage their sales representatives to sell products to those in their social network.

On this week’s podcast, we discuss the impact of multi-level marketing on church community and relationships.

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

In 2012, psychologist Jean Twenge noticed an abrupt shift in teenage behavior as the majority of Americans owned a smartphone for the first time.
On this week's podcast, we discuss how the church can engage technology and foster genuine community when smartphones often define social interaction and existence.


Punishment v. Rehabilitation

More than 60 years ago, C.S. Lewis proposed in “The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment” that a strictly rehabilitatory approach to punishment removes the possibility of justice and mercy.

On this week’s podcast, we discuss the implications of Lewis’s article in the context of modern breakthroughs like neuro-correctives and a cultural shift toward healing rather than punishing.


Evaluating "The Vanishing American Adult"

This week, we continue our conversation on Sen. Ben Sasse's new book, "The Vanishing American Adult." On this podcast, we discuss the impact of education, consumption, and travel on forming productive citizens, as well as looking at a few critiques of the book.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

This week we are joined by special guest Darby Whealy to discuss seasonal depression and its effect on the soul. 

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