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Is God the Author of Evil? - Part 2

In our last episode we looked at some of the theological answers and explanations to the question, "Is God the author of evil?" In this episode, we seek to make it practical. As a leader, how do you apply these truths as you care for and disciple people? And what does it look like to have a strong hope in God's sovereignty and goodness?

Is God the Author of Evil?

As we continue to discuss some of the various themes throughout the Minor Prophets, we come to the book of Habakkuk and ask the difficult question, "Is God the author of evil?" In this episode, we explore some of the different answers and explanations surrounding this question.

Article link: http://www.romans45.org/articles/cause.htm

Rethinking Social Justice

Recent controversy in the Evangelical community got us thinking about how the gospel speaks to issues of social justice. In this episode, we explore how some of the ideas from James K.A. Smith's "Awaiting the King" might challenge the way Christians respond to and engage with social justice.

From the Archive: Spiritual Dryness

As our friend and colleague, Dr. Gary Nebeker, prepares to move to Arizona, we thought it would be fun to revisit one of our favorite episodes with him. In this episode, Dr. Nebeker joins us to explain what spiritual dryness is and how Christians should engage with it.

Here's a link to other Wednesday Conversations featuring Gary.

Discipleship & the Medical Model

The concept "See One, Do One, Teach One" is most often used within the medical community. But how can it be helpful when it comes to discipleship? In this week's episode, we conclude our conversations on discipleship with special guest and Deacon of Women's Discipleship at Coram Deo, Lindsey Kaiser.

What Does a Gospel Community Do?

So you have joined or started leading a Gospel Community...now what? What does a Gospel Community actually look like week to week? In this episode, we spend time talking about three specific Gospel Community rhythms and why they are important.

Gospel Community Basics book: http://www.gospelresourcenetwork.com/store/gcbasics

What is a Healthy Gospel Community?

Gospel Communities play a significant role when it comes to discipleship and mission. But how can you tell if your gospel community is healthy and thriving? In this week's episode we discuss four marks of a healthy gospel community.

Gospel Community Basics book: 


Should We Keep the Term "Evangelical"?

Originally, "evangelical" was used to describe a distinct set of theological beliefs. However, the framing and connotation of the term has became increasingly political rather than theological.  

On this week's podcast, we discuss whether the term evangelical is still helpful for clarifying theological beliefs or if the now politicized term should be done away with. We also provide a quick update on the future of the Wednesday Conversation.









Chasing Contentment - Part Two

Throughout the life of a Christian, the virtue of contentment must be perpetually learned and cultivated. 

On this week's podcast, Erik Raymond, author of Chasing Contentment, joins us as we discuss how to practically learn and apply contentment in our everyday lives.

Book: http://amzn.to/2yxOj9T

LuLaRoe and the Church

More than 20 million Americans, including many Christians, participate in direct sales as part of multi-level marketing. Many MLM companies, like LuLaRoe, encourage their sales representatives to sell products to those in their social network.

On this week’s podcast, we discuss the impact of multi-level marketing on church community and relationships.

Punishment v. Rehabilitation

More than 60 years ago, C.S. Lewis proposed in “The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment” that a strictly rehabilitatory approach to punishment removes the possibility of justice and mercy.

On this week’s podcast, we discuss the implications of Lewis’s article in the context of modern breakthroughs like neuro-correctives and a cultural shift toward healing rather than punishing.

Article: http://www.angelfire.com/pro/lewiscs/humanitarian.html

Why There Are Only Two Sexes

As questions surrounding transgenderism, intersexuality, and gender confusion become more culturally pervasive, this week’s conversation examines John Skalko’s article on how biology establishes a non-arbitrary, universal basis for sex distinctions.