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Reappearing Church - Part 1

Pastor & author Mark Sayers has a discerning eye for the church's relationship to culture. In his thought-provoking new book "Reappearing Church," he makes the case that the decline of Western culture could be the spark that ignites spiritual renewal in the church. In this episode, we spend time discussing Sayers' ideas... and also enjoying some delicious roasted pork sent in by a listener.

In Search of the Common Good

In this episode, author and fellow Nebraskan Jake Meador sits down with Bob to talk about his new book "In Search of the Common Good: Christian Fidelity in a Fractured World." Purchase Jake’s book here and leave a review:

6 Things Spiritual Leaders Do

In this podcast, we discuss six key insights about Spirit-empowered leadership offered by Pastor Bob Fox at a recent Acts 29 Heartland conference. Whatever your role as a spiritual leader may look like, we think you'll find these insights to be extremely helpful. Bob Fox is the founding pastor of Red Mountain Church in Mesa, AZ.

Is God the Author of Evil?

As we continue to discuss some of the various themes throughout the Minor Prophets, we come to the book of Habakkuk and ask the difficult question, "Is God the author of evil?" In this episode, we explore some of the different answers and explanations surrounding this question.

Article link:

Micah & Biblical Justice

The concept of justice has been at the center of many different debates over the last few years. And occasionally, the Bible's vision of justice gets pulled into these debates and conflated. In this episode, we spend time discussing biblical justice and some of its differences and similarities to the concepts of modern justice.

Imprecatory Language in the Old Testament

If you've spent any amount of time reading through the Old Testament you've likely come across strong language that invokes judgment and calamity. In this episode, we discuss how the use of imprecatory language functions throughout scripture and whether or not it's okay to pray for the downfall of one's enemies.

Interview: Porn-Proofing Your Kids

In this special edition of the Wednesday Conversation, Bob interviews Kristen Jenson, author of the book "Good Pictures, Bad Pictures." Kristen discusses pornography's harmful effects on children and how parents can proactively protect their children from porn.


Bob's review of the book:

"Protect Young Minds" website:

The Marks of a Mature Disciple - Part 1

You've heard us talk a lot about discipleship on this podcast, but in this episode we ask the question: "How do you actually know if your church is making healthy disciples?" We discuss some of the characteristics that mark mature disciples and how these have helped us more clearly define what success looks like when it comes to disciple making.

Should We Keep the Term "Evangelical"?

Originally, "evangelical" was used to describe a distinct set of theological beliefs. However, the framing and connotation of the term has became increasingly political rather than theological.  

On this week's podcast, we discuss whether the term evangelical is still helpful for clarifying theological beliefs or if the now politicized term should be done away with. We also provide a quick update on the future of the Wednesday Conversation.


2017’s Greatest Hits

On this week’s podcast, we take a look back at some highlights from our past year of Wednesday Conversations.

Did Jesus Descend into Hell?:

Seasonal Affective Disorder:

LuLaRoe and the Church:

The Tech-Wise Family:

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?:

A Conversation with James K.A. Smith:

Why There Are Only Two Sexes

As questions surrounding transgenderism, intersexuality, and gender confusion become more culturally pervasive, this week’s conversation examines John Skalko’s article on how biology establishes a non-arbitrary, universal basis for sex distinctions.

Contraception & Reproductive Technology - Part 6

This week we wrap up our multi-part conversation on contraception and reproductive technology by spending time answering a listener's question regarding reproductive technology.