Micah & Biblical Justice

The concept of justice has been at the center of many different debates over the last few years. And occasionally, the Bible's vision of justice gets pulled into these debates and conflated. In this episode, we spend time discussing biblical justice and some of its differences and similarities to the concepts of modern justice.

Imprecatory Language in the Old Testament

If you've spent any amount of time reading through the Old Testament you've likely come across strong language that invokes judgment and calamity. In this episode, we discuss how the use of imprecatory language functions throughout scripture and whether or not it's okay to pray for the downfall of one's enemies.

From the Archives: Does God Change His Mind?

In Jonah 3, God was going to overthrow Nineveh in 40 days, but after the Ninevites repented God relented and did not bring about the prophesied disaster.

On this week's podcast, we examine how the unchanging and sovereign nature of God is not compromised through the nature of covenantal contingencies.

Interview: Porn-Proofing Your Kids

In this special edition of the Wednesday Conversation, Bob interviews Kristen Jenson, author of the book "Good Pictures, Bad Pictures." Kristen discusses pornography's harmful effects on children and how parents can proactively protect their children from porn.


Bob's review of the book: http://www.bobthune.com/2017/02/review-good-pictures-bad-pictures/

"Protect Young Minds" website:


Faithful Disobedience in China

In early December we learned that Pastor Wang Yi of China had been arrested and detained by the Chinese government. After 48 hours of detention a letter written by Yi was released called, "My Declaration of Faithful Disobedience." In this episode, we read Pastor Yi's letter and spend time discussing the church's relationship to culture.

Read the letter here: http://www.chinapartnership.org/blog/2018/12/my-declaration-of-faithful-disobedience

Four Views of Communion

It's easy for the sacrament of communion to become commonplace, and it can be tempting for Christians to participate mindlessly. Many Christians may not know the answers to questions like, "What is communion?" and "Why do we observe it regularly?" For this reason, we decided to spend some time discussing the sacrament of communion - the four main views surrounding it and how we choose to practice it in our local churches.

The Marks of a Mature Disciple - Part 2

In this episode, we continue exploring the question: "How do you actually know if your church is making healthy disciples?" We discuss some of the characteristics of mature discipleship and how these have helped us more clearly define success when it comes to disciple making.

The Marks of a Mature Disciple - Part 1

You've heard us talk a lot about discipleship on this podcast, but in this episode we ask the question: "How do you actually know if your church is making healthy disciples?" We discuss some of the characteristics that mark mature disciples and how these have helped us more clearly define what success looks like when it comes to disciple making.

Why Political Twitter is Scary

Gather 'round for a spooky tale about a recent kerfuffle that Bob got himself into on political Twitter. This caused us to wonder - is there any hope of ever having a thoughtful debate on the social media platform? What causes people to lose any and all civility when using Twitter? In this special Halloween episode, we explore whether or not it's worth it to engage on political Twitter.

Rethinking Church & State

There couldn't possibly be any more from James K.A. Smith's "Awaiting the King" that we could talk about, right? Wrong. The idea of separation of church and state has caused many Christians to wear their christian identity and political identity separately. In this episode, we discuss the provocative question, "What would it look like to be the church FOR the state?"

Rethinking Social Justice

Recent controversy in the Evangelical community got us thinking about how the gospel speaks to issues of social justice. In this episode, we explore how some of the ideas from James K.A. Smith's "Awaiting the King" might challenge the way Christians respond to and engage with social justice.