Rethinking Social Justice

Recent controversy in the Evangelical community got us thinking about how the gospel speaks to issues of social justice. In this episode, we explore how some of the ideas from James K.A. Smith's "Awaiting the King" might challenge the way Christians respond to and engage with social justice.

The Enneagram: Helpful or Harmful?

The Christian community seems to be having a moment with the Enneagram. But what exactly is it? In this week's episode, we dive into the Enneagram and discuss some of its positive and negative qualities and why we choose to use it as a tool here at Coram Deo.

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Revival & Revivalism

Have you ever wondered how evangelicalism has gotten to where it is today? In this episode, Bob summarizes Iain Murray's book, "Revival & Revivalism," as we discuss the history of American evangelicalism. 

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From the Archive: Spiritual Dryness

As our friend and colleague, Dr. Gary Nebeker, prepares to move to Arizona, we thought it would be fun to revisit one of our favorite episodes with him. In this episode, Dr. Nebeker joins us to explain what spiritual dryness is and how Christians should engage with it.

Here's a link to other Wednesday Conversations featuring Gary.

Network Evangelism

Over the years, the term "evangelism" has grown to have some negative stereotypes . But could it be time to reclaim it? In this episode, we discuss a recent article from Tony Merida called "Don't Overcomplicate Evangelism" and explore the idea of network evangelism.


A Theology of Work - Part 1

If you have spent any amount of time listening to our podcast you have probably heard us say "The gospel changes everything." But how does this apply to our work? What does it mean to work to the glory of God? This week on the podcast we are joined by Pastor Justin Curtis to talk about the integration of faith and work.

Revoice & Revision

The upcoming Revoice Conference has sparked a lot of debate within the Christian community about the use of terms such as "gay Christian." In this week's episode, we discuss why it matters, and how language reveals our underlying theological assumptions.


The Culture of Victimhood - Part 1

In the book "The Rise of Victimhood Culture" authors and sociologists Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning suggest that there has been a shift in the moral culture of America. In this episode, we discuss their ideas and the implications of this cultural change.

Discipleship & the Medical Model

The concept "See One, Do One, Teach One" is most often used within the medical community. But how can it be helpful when it comes to discipleship? In this week's episode, we conclude our conversations on discipleship with special guest and Deacon of Women's Discipleship at Coram Deo, Lindsey Kaiser.