The Canon of Western Literature

Are there enduring works of literature that every American student should read? Some say that embracing a "literary canon" is a bad idea. This week, we discuss the fragmentation that comes from rejecting a shared literary tradition, and why shared reference points are crucial in creating meaningful dialogue.

Evaluating "The Vanishing American Adult"

This week, we continue our conversation on Sen. Ben Sasse's new book, "The Vanishing American Adult." On this podcast, we discuss the impact of education, consumption, and travel on forming productive citizens, as well as looking at a few critiques of the book.

Why There Are Only Two Sexes

As questions surrounding transgenderism, intersexuality, and gender confusion become more culturally pervasive, this week’s conversation examines John Skalko’s article on how biology establishes a non-arbitrary, universal basis for sex distinctions.

Bernie Sanders and Religious Freedom

During Russell Vought's recent confirmation hearing, Sen. Bernie Sanders contended Vought is Islamophobic based upon an article he wrote defending his Christian beliefs. On this week's podcast we examine the prevalent misunderstandings of religious freedom and the implications of Sanders' claims for Christians.

Contraception & Reproductive Technology - Part 6

This week we wrap up our multi-part conversation on contraception and reproductive technology by spending time answering a listener's question regarding reproductive technology.