Redemption Stories

Redemption Story: Paige

Men didn't satisfy. Material things come and go. All satisfaction in Christ alone! Paige was searching to find her identity, but after entering into a difficult marriage and losing everything she owned she was still left wanting. Listen to her as she tells the story of God pursuing her through his word and his people & saving her by the grace of Jesus.

Redemption Story: Mike

Mike was stuck in the backwards cycle of functional disbelief. He knew what was "right" belief about God the Father, but he was not actually believing at the heart level that God was his Heavenly Father. Mike's life started to change when he took his eyes off of his own despair and looked upon the God's goodness, His love shown to us through the Gospel: God saving sinners through the work of Christ.

Redemption Story: Alex

Alex had a broken relationship with his father and didn't know Jesus. After visiting Coram Deo for a few weeks, Alex started attending a Bible study and met guys at Coram Deo who had similar stories as his. Through this group of guys Alex was able to see the spiritual reality that he also had a broken relationship with his Heavenly Father and needed Jesus to reconcile his relationship with God. Now Jesus hasn't only reconciled Alex to his Heavenly Father, but Jesus is also beginning to heal Alex's relationship with his earthly father.